Inward Traveller

Whiffenpoofs RedSnappa Photography

Listening to, and photographing, the rather amazing Whiffenpoofs last night who are nearing the end of their world tour, made me consider how much I miss travelling.

I love the transition from place to place and the short passage of time before the eye gets jaded by familiarity and can see the beauty of all that is different. Viva la difference is the seductive clarion call for the photographer: for the first few days, after arriving,  the camera must never be put down as the changing universe is an exciting vista for creative expression.

When not travelling, the spiritual journeying of the inner landscape provides fullfillment and the inner eye observes the constant changes of the soul.



About redsnappa

Director, cameraman and photographer Seth Gardner has established an enviable reputation as an experienced, creative and critically acclaimed director, cameraman and photographer in the worlds of television, cinema and theatre.
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