A busy day of editing materials for the Salem Uganda charity today at http://www.redsnappa.com. The wonderful Hilary returns to Africa next week and is desperate to bring some footage back to show everybody and, at the same time, we need to urgently raise awareness about the precarious predicament of the children’s village.

I hope that the films will allow people to gain a sense of personal connection with the children and the house parents, and all who are making this amazing project worthwhile. As Lieh Tzu said, and I paraphrase, ‘It is better to make a donation to somebody that you know than one based on the word of another. Otherwise it might be just as easy to condemn or ignore on the word of another. If we make the effort to know whom it is we are giving to then the gift is personal and so much more powerful and also rewarding to the giver.’

It is my hope that the films will eventually create a small community of people who can experience joy in their ability to gift time and money to people and places that they have a strong connection with.

Children of Uganda

About redsnappa

Director, cameraman and photographer Seth Gardner has established an enviable reputation as an experienced, creative and critically acclaimed director, cameraman and photographer in the worlds of television, cinema and theatre.
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