Film Premier The Car Park

As a huge thank you to actors and crew we are premiering RedSnappa’s new short film ‘The Car Park’ at the GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) this Saturday.

The GFT has a beautiful small capacity cinema, as part of the complex, with a state of the art digital projector and screen making it a must for anybody wanting to get the best out of all their, digitally filmed, hard work.

This eponymous situation comedy of subversion, sees a small and excellent cast explore themes of perception, exploitation,  and parking. The film questions the changing reality of roles in society that were once valued for the extra they contributed to community life rather than their function.

This is the mulit-talented John Hatfield’s second outing as writer with Seth Gardner as director and editor balancing miniscule budget and shooting options with a combination of experienced and complete novice actors. This is the second of a proposed trio of short films designed to perfect the filming skills of the small RedSnappa film collective. After that the feature film blockbuster wil be started – watch this space!!!

About redsnappa

Director, cameraman and photographer Seth Gardner has established an enviable reputation as an experienced, creative and critically acclaimed director, cameraman and photographer in the worlds of television, cinema and theatre.
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