Keep On Playing

Playing and playfulness have to be allowed to flourish some time in a working week to keep the imagination alive.

It was with great delight that I pick up the cameras and headed out for a bit of ‘practice’ with a good friend of mine. The brief – shoot whatever moves with the knowledge that any and all images can be discarded.  It was time to practise some of the more exoteric applications of the camera – one’s that in any commercial situation would just not be tried in case the shoot got messed up. This kind of pressure free enjoyment got us to challenge lenses, cameras and photographic skills and have a great laugh.

The second most important creative thing to do is have a personal project running alongside your pro work. Get out the kit, the lights, the reflectors or filming buddies and offer somebody a freebie in the knowledge that you get to try your hand at a subject matter you normally wouldn’t get booked for.

Thirdly – get linked up on-line with your talented friends and share info and ideas such as the wonderful Holly Miller’s

About redsnappa

Director, cameraman and photographer Seth Gardner has established an enviable reputation as an experienced, creative and critically acclaimed director, cameraman and photographer in the worlds of television, cinema and theatre.
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