Guerilla Filming

Employing the time honoured tradition of guerilla filming in the centre of Glasgow today  to create material for the Glasgow Passion Play. As difficult and stressful as this kind of filming can be, over the years, I have definitely had the most fun just turning up and with a skeleton crew and cast and just relying on the raw talents, passion and enthusiasm of everybody taking part.

We intend to make a film trailer type website to raise awareness and hopefully funds to stage this modern take this ancient story.

Huge thanks to everybody who is coming out today to crew and star in film and photography.

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Premiere Success

The premiere of RedSnappa’s most recent short film, ‘The Car Park’ was a huge success. Almost 200 people turned up to watch the comedy of subversion and enjoy the after-show hospitality of the GFT.  Thanks to everybody who bought me a drink. 🙂 It was great to get so much support and really felt like a great day for the Scottish Indie Film making movement. The next film will call on the growing group of talented collaborators and will look at the very  nature of the Blogger as the last bastion of the investigative journalist.

We also raised over £200 for the Salem Uganda Children’s Home.

Here’s to the next one. Film and trailers to follow soon for viewing at

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Film Premier The Car Park

As a huge thank you to actors and crew we are premiering RedSnappa’s new short film ‘The Car Park’ at the GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) this Saturday.

The GFT has a beautiful small capacity cinema, as part of the complex, with a state of the art digital projector and screen making it a must for anybody wanting to get the best out of all their, digitally filmed, hard work.

This eponymous situation comedy of subversion, sees a small and excellent cast explore themes of perception, exploitation,  and parking. The film questions the changing reality of roles in society that were once valued for the extra they contributed to community life rather than their function.

This is the mulit-talented John Hatfield’s second outing as writer with Seth Gardner as director and editor balancing miniscule budget and shooting options with a combination of experienced and complete novice actors. This is the second of a proposed trio of short films designed to perfect the filming skills of the small RedSnappa film collective. After that the feature film blockbuster wil be started – watch this space!!!

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Full Moon

African Moon

As long as the full moon heralds a full day, a full week and full diary and then a full bank balance all will be well in the land of RedSnappa.

Don’t you just love the fact that when you offer independent advice to colleagues and clients that they then go and cheerfully act on it – with somebody else!! Sheesh I should be up in a helicopter today yet some other lucky devil is doing the job that I recommended to a certain hotel would be great for their publicity and web site. Sigh! Like the Murphey’s I’m not bitter.

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A busy day of editing materials for the Salem Uganda charity today at The wonderful Hilary returns to Africa next week and is desperate to bring some footage back to show everybody and, at the same time, we need to urgently raise awareness about the precarious predicament of the children’s village.

I hope that the films will allow people to gain a sense of personal connection with the children and the house parents, and all who are making this amazing project worthwhile. As Lieh Tzu said, and I paraphrase, ‘It is better to make a donation to somebody that you know than one based on the word of another. Otherwise it might be just as easy to condemn or ignore on the word of another. If we make the effort to know whom it is we are giving to then the gift is personal and so much more powerful and also rewarding to the giver.’

It is my hope that the films will eventually create a small community of people who can experience joy in their ability to gift time and money to people and places that they have a strong connection with.

Children of Uganda

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Back Me Up

Collaboration is so often the way to do things..

My poor old back has kept me whimpering the past week yet has allowed me to re-aquaint myself with some old friends at with the amazing Jane helping to get me standing and moving again. Out of those sessions I managed to connect them with Colin Naesmith of Ayrshire council to get match funding for their website, took some photos so that Jane could create a web profile and pushed the web work to the marvellous Max at MilkBar Creative who also designed

My back is now better than ever, and I am about to discover the joys of Indian Head massage. From pain to potential. What an amazing universe.

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Inward Traveller

Whiffenpoofs RedSnappa Photography

Listening to, and photographing, the rather amazing Whiffenpoofs last night who are nearing the end of their world tour, made me consider how much I miss travelling.

I love the transition from place to place and the short passage of time before the eye gets jaded by familiarity and can see the beauty of all that is different. Viva la difference is the seductive clarion call for the photographer: for the first few days, after arriving,  the camera must never be put down as the changing universe is an exciting vista for creative expression.

When not travelling, the spiritual journeying of the inner landscape provides fullfillment and the inner eye observes the constant changes of the soul.


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