RedSnappa Showreel

Here’s the link to the new ShowReel to demo just some of the kinds of work we love doing.

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New Purple Feather Viral Video

The new Purple Feather Viral Video was shot with Debbie Beattie starring in the role of a lady who is about to enjoy a wee cake treat before her bubble is burst by three judgemental women. Video coming soon.

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Comedy Meets Politics

Patrick Rolink and Phil Differ hosted highly entertaining  night at the Tron in Glasgow with George Galloway and the acclaimed actors David Hayman and the lovely Libby McArthur with one of Scotland’s funniest comedians Des McLean.

Des kept us in hysterics whilst George proved surprisingly warm, measured and loquacious.

Next time we’ll film it for a pilot.

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Tree Planting in Kenya

RedSnappa is committed to supporting organisations that are providing balance with agroforestry.

This website is well worth a quick visit.

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Johari Fashion

RedSnappa hold exciting fashion shoot at Blair House for Johari.







3 first time models were given the chance to colaborate on a fashion shoot for the amazing label www, that aims to help young people out of the slums of Kenya by training them in fashion design. It has taken many years to secure textiles, skills, support, funding and design to produce an ever expanding, exciting range of clothing. Melanie Van-der Velde is championing Johari and Seth Gardner and RedSnappa will be looking to support with video and photography.

Images at RedSnappa later this week – see the fashion section.


Models: Efia, Beth

Nandwani, Verity Power/ Make-UP: Carole Taylor/Photography Seth Gardner/Video Kyrie Barker/Art Design Rebecca Peloso/Location Blair House

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Keep On Playing

Playing and playfulness have to be allowed to flourish some time in a working week to keep the imagination alive.

It was with great delight that I pick up the cameras and headed out for a bit of ‘practice’ with a good friend of mine. The brief – shoot whatever moves with the knowledge that any and all images can be discarded.  It was time to practise some of the more exoteric applications of the camera – one’s that in any commercial situation would just not be tried in case the shoot got messed up. This kind of pressure free enjoyment got us to challenge lenses, cameras and photographic skills and have a great laugh.

The second most important creative thing to do is have a personal project running alongside your pro work. Get out the kit, the lights, the reflectors or filming buddies and offer somebody a freebie in the knowledge that you get to try your hand at a subject matter you normally wouldn’t get booked for.

Thirdly – get linked up on-line with your talented friends and share info and ideas such as the wonderful Holly Miller’s

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Pakistan Floods

Editing footage from Pakistan which puts one’s own life into perspective. This poor soul tells of how the flood took away his wife and all his cattle in one go.

The filming followed the delivery of food aid and valuable cooking items that had all been washed away. Hoping that the edit will raise vital funds for re-housing for thousands of people. More details once finished.

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